A look at my backyard rink I wrote about in the Globe and Mail

So, I was lucky enough that the Globe and Mail published my piece about my backyard rink. It was widely shared and I thought I would post some of the pictures I described in the piece.

This can serve as a guide for those of you looking to build rinks next year!

Laying out the boards
Rolling out the tarp – after patching almost 10 holes created last season.
An excited – and cold – rink builder
Season’s first skate!
It gets cold – early morning ice maintenance. Look how delicious and cold the rest of the week looked
Using a wall scraper to fix ice bumps
Using a hot j-cloth to unfreeze the tap off the back of the house
beauty, again.


Author: Adam Grachnik

I am a 30-something father and husband, proudly raising my two little maniacs (girl and boy) in a happy suburban home in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

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