Let me tell you about a man named Donald: a note to my kids


Dear my two little kidlets,

Let me tell you a story about a man named Donald (not the duck).

Donald convinced people that he was the best person to be leader of a whole country – the most powerful country in the whole entire world.

He became what’s called the President of the United States of America. A President is sort of like a King or Queen. It’s like people in Arendelle getting together and deciding their new King or Queen.

Even though most people don’t agree, Donald still gets to be President, but that’s a whole other story.

Here is the thing with Donald; he is not a nice man. Actually, he’s terrible. Some call him dangerous and rude. Others go so far as to call him a criminal. He doesn’t make people feel good. He’s bitter, sad and scary.

When Donald traveled around the country trying to convince people to let him be President he said a lot of really awful things. Things that would get you both in big trouble. Things that were mean to people who have different skin colour than yours (that’s called racism) and insulting to people who come from different countries (called xenophobia). He was nasty to girls (that’s called misogyny) and some girls even accused him of touching them in their private parts when they didn’t want him to (that’s called sexual assault). He was very rude, always angry and he yelled a lot. He made people cry.

Yet, despite all of this, he still managed to get people to decide to let him be President.

I know, I don’t get it either.

Then something changed.

Suddenly, once he became President Donald stopped saying those really bad things. He talked about people working together and how he would be the President for everyone; even the ones he was mean to. He stopped yelling and being rude.

On his computer he tried to erase all the bad things he had ever said.

Now this is the part of the story you need to remember.

Donald is a liar – yes, pants on fire.

You can’t spend lots of time insulting people; being hateful, awful to girls, mean to others with different skin colour and then wake-up one morning and expect everyone to forget.

People won’t, and they shouldn’t.

Remember, if someone does and says the things Donald has, you must always remember them. Don’t ever, ever forget that he said them. Because you can use his anger and negativity to make you better, even more wonderful, strong children.

As someone famous once said, “Love is always better than anger. Hope is better than fear”.

Yes, people make mistakes and can say sorry. But sometimes, when someone just keeps being mean over and over again, it’s obvious they can’t change and they won’t; despite how hard they try.

So, even though Donald was chosen President, people are not forgetting what he did and said. And they are doing something about it; just like Anna did when Arendelle was falling apart.c266557_397d53498d4db4c305b025035180a393

Anna worked for what she believed in. She fought for her family and for her kingdom.

She said no. Not now, not ever. No thank you.

So what does this all mean for Donald? Well, he might be President, but regardless of all the nice things he is trying to say and past he is trying erase, he will always be a racist, misogynist, zenophobic liar.

And little princesses and princes like you two won’t stand for it and won’t let him forget it, ever.

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Author: Adam Grachnik

I am a 30-something father and husband, proudly raising my two little maniacs (girl and boy) in a happy suburban home in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

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